11-12-13: A Wedding Anniversary Like No Other

Call it what you will—superstition, sentimentality, or a “geekiness” about numbers—many couples place a high degree of importance on the date (and occasionally time) that they exchange vows.  And today, 11-12-13, saw its share of number-centric couples, marrying on a …Tuesday in November.

Historically, many Asian cultures place great significance on the lucky (and unlucky) virtues of numbers.  For example, 8’s are lucky—the number 4 is not.  So, for certain couples, certain dates and wedding times are simply not under consideration.  For many couples, they will select their wedding date as it is tied to another personal anniversary, such as the date of their engagement or first meeting.  I recently married a couple which selected an October wedding date, as one of the groom’s family had historically married in that month.  Likewise, a recent bride selected a particular date in October, as it was her Mother’s birth date.

Some dates, like 11-12-13, are seen as being just plain “cool.”  No doubt, I had many weddings scheduled on dates like 10-10-10, 11-11-11 and 12-12-12.    Jumping on the band wagon, the Today Show on NBC hosted a wedding this morning (at 9:10 a.m., to be exact) for such a numerically oriented couple.   Having been born on 9-9, I can certainly appreciate a memorable anniversary.   To all couples I say, embrace your anniversary and use it as a time to renew (personally or in public) your vows, recommitting yourselves to the promises made that special day.  And for the brides and grooms who will call 11-12-13 their wedding date, I wish them many happy–and Lucky!–years together.

Photo by Petronella Photography.


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