A High Time…..on the High Line!


Photo by Lisa Futterman

I have had the good fortune to work with people from all corners of that wonderful country—Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and beyond.  A few months ago, I was approached to officiate Tim and Nat’s wedding—They are from Tasmania!  Unfortunately, due to a mandatory business trip, I was unable to serve them.  However, my good friend and fellow Celebrant Marion Seymour provided them with a lovely ceremony.

This super-hip couple selected the elevated High Line for their ceremony.  This new-fangled urban park, built on an old freight line, starts at Gansevoort Street, in the Meatpacking district up to 34th between 10th and 11th.  It is an ideal option for a chic couple like Tim and Nat.  And after the ceremony, they were able to celebrate at the Standard Hotel, a stone’s throw from the High Line.

The artistic photographer Lisa Futterman took the photos and explained her working relationship and approach to the project:
Nat contacted me initially because she liked the photos in my etsy shop, Pixamatic. We then started following eachother on instagram and got to know one another a bit before she and Tim travelled to New York for their wedding. Nat was initially interested in getting married in Central Park but then decided on the highline as the location.

I visited the highline a few days before Nat and Tim’s wedding to test out the light and also find interesting backdrops for photographs. It’s one of my favorite places in New York so already had some ideas of what would work. The biggest challenge was that I had never met Nat and Tim and also didn’t know much of what their ideas were for the photographs. I only had a chance to speak to them in person for the hour before the ceremony since they had only recently arrived in New York. They are so lovely and easygoing that figuring it all out was very fluid and easy. They had a spot they liked so we went there and the ceremony began!

I tried to capture all the key moments as they happened, all the time incorporating the fascinating surroundings. Occasionally people would walk by and get in the shot, so I moved around quite a bit to try and minimize strangers in the background while capturing important moments. In order to make the event seem timeless I also took a few close-ups of the ring exchange where you just see Nat and Tim’s hands. I made sure to shoot Nat and Tim candidly as we all walked to the highline from the Standard Hotel and also on the way back after the ceremony. I like those photos as part of the whole since you really get a sense of being in New York. And seeing a bride and groom walking down the streets of Manhattan is pretty special. Finally, I felt it was important to take some posed shots of the group of friends and family as well as just Nat and Tim after the ceremony. In the end we had a good mixture of candid and posed.

Enjoy the fabulous photos provided by Lisa Futterman.


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