A Little Ceremony at the South Street Seaport

About six months ago, I moved down to Wall Street, in the Financial District in Manhattan.  I had decidedly mixed feelings about the move, but tried to look on the bright side—it would be a chance to learn more about a new (to me) New York neighborhood.  FiDi, as some call it, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town.  And, I take a good deal of satisfaction in being near significant institutions as the New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church Wall Street, and Federal Hall, where the Congress met under the Articles of Confederation.  George Washington took his Presidential oath of office there.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the tremendous pleasure to officiate an elopement in the neighborhood at the South Street Seaport.  A delightful couple was looking forward to their large wedding on April 4, but then the pandemic rolled into town.  Their larger celebration was postponed until the fall, but they still wanted to be legally married.  They had secured their marriage license before the Marriage Bureau had closed, like all of New York.  As life would have it, the couple also lived in this area and they suggested that we have their private ceremony along the water at the seaport.  It was a quiet spot, on the Hudson River, with the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO in the background.  Not only did we have a lovely ceremony, but it opened my eyes to this as a possible location for future ceremonies. 

It is true that the vast majority of eloping couples are drawn to our great Central Park, the breathtaking crown jewel of Manhattan.  Regardless where a couple may live, they are all familiar with the park, from countless movies and popular culture.   And no matter where one is in the park, there are beautiful spots for wedding (or engagement) portraits.

In a time of such confusion and anxiety, it was a great gift to be able to do what I love—uniting couples.  And, I found it especially meaningful to officiate in this sometimes overlooked historic part of there city.  The gravity of it all was not lost on the couple…or me.

Enjoy some visions of our little celebration. 

p.s.  For concerned readers, we took all precautions to distance ourselves and maintain everyone’s good health.

p.p.s. Several weeks after the wedding, this charming article appeared in the Bride’s hometown newspaper in Iowa!


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