A Royal Wedding for Scotland

All of us who love Scotland were thrilled to witness the marriage of tennis great Andy Murray and his long time love artist Kim Sears, today. This must have been the most widely reported Scottish wedding since Madonna tied the knot with Guy Ritchie at Skibo Castle back in 2000.

I’ve waxed on and on about how much I love working with Scottish couples from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen or anywhere. And I routinely suggest that I will offer a discount on my fees if only the men will wear kilts to the wedding.

The visuals of this wedding did not disappoint! Murray and his brother Jamie arrived in their clan’s tartan. Kim Sears wore a stunning dress by UK designer Jenny Packham of three-quarter length sleeves and long veil, according to the BBC.  And all about the village of Dunblane Andy Murray’s home town, the citizenry lined up to take in the pageantry. Brides maids wore a pinkish mauve hue and there were hats and fascinators galore!
The couple exchanged vows at the 12th century Dunblane Cathedral. Bells range out after the couple wed and they were showered with confetti. The couple’s reception was at Cromlix, a luxury hotel in Perthshire, near Dunblane, owned by the groom.

Although the wedding weather was typically gloomy at the start of the day (standard for Scotland), eventually the sun enveloped the couple, who’ve dated since they were teen-agers. Now if they’d only had a Scottish-loving, NYC Celebrant to officiate the ceremony—it would have been truly perfect.

Many years of health, happiness, beautiful art, and plenty of tennis titles for the lovely couple. Hip, hip, hooray!


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