A Song from her Heart

The song, “Marry Me,” by Train, has become a new favorite wedding anthem.  Earlier this week, we played the tune  for a processional walk down the path of the Ladies Pavilion, Central Park.  In seeing my beautiful brides from California, walking to this tune, I was taken back to an August wedding that I had the honor to officiate.  Also Californians, Terri Lea and Dee Ann were partners for 20+ years.  As their wedding program aptly announced:  “We are delighted to welcome you to the unexpected joy of our wedding.”   One of the many touching and unique aspects of this ceremony was a recording that Dee Ann had made to her beloved.  She had slightly modified the lyrics of Train’s song (see below), with special notes to Terri Lea, as well as the struggle for marriage equality in America.  Dee Ann recorded the lovesong, played during a midpoint in the ceremony–and there was not a dry eye in the house!  Below is Train, performing their song.

Forever could never be long enough for me
To feel like I’ve had long enough with you.
For years we’ve shared our joy as family,
But there’s one thing left to do.
Now that the weight has lifted,
The scales have finally shifted our way.
Marry me…
Today and every day,
Terri Lea,
If we ever have the chance to wed,
Let love lead all the way,
Say you will…..Say you will.
Together can neer be close enough for me,
To feel like I am close enough to you.
You wear white, and I’ll wear out the words:
“I love you” and “You’re beautiful.”
Now that the wait is over,
And love has finally brought us this day.
Today and every day.
Marry me…
Terri Lea,
Now we finally have the chance to wed,
Let love lead all the way,
Say you will…..Say you will.
Promise me you’ll always be,
Happy by my side.
I promise to sing to you.
If all the music dies.
And marry me…
Today and every day,
Terri Lea,
We were wed before we ever met.
Let love lead all the way,
So you will, Terri Lea…..Marry Me.

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