A Tartan Week Wedding in the Big Apple!


t’s Tartan Week in New York City—the annual time to celebrate all-things Scottish, featuring a colorful parade along Sixth Avenue.  And, we at Simply Eloped, honored Scotland with a wedding of an adorable couple at the Bethesda Arcade!

Jacqueline and Alasdair came with the bride’s parents and niece for a once-in-a-lifetime elopement in the Big Apple.  While they had considered a larger wedding back home, they opted for an exciting—but stress-free—day with our team.  Although thousands of miles from home, there were touches of the motherland all about.  Both Groom and “best man” sported familiar clan, of their families.  Their button holes also had heather, the native wildflower of Scotland.  We started their personalized ceremony with a wedding blessing from Scottish Poet Robert Louis Stevenson:

Lord, Behold our families here assembled. We thank you for this place in which we dwell, For the love that unites us, For the peace accorded us this day, For the hope with which we expect the morrow, For the health, the work, the food, And the bright skies that make our lives delightful; for our friends in all parts of the earth.  Amen.

For our vows, the couple selected traditional Presbyterian promises, as they both were reared in the National Church of Scotland.  We ended the festivities with my gifting the couple a traditional Scottish Quaich, the commemorative cup used in toasting new marriages and other celebrations.  I feel very confident our couple will have a great many things to celebrate in the coming months and years!

And while it was lovely, I think, to have remembrances of their home country at the ceremony, the personalized script was really all about them—their meeting through mutual friends, a happy courtship, and engagement at North Uist, a northern island off of Scotland.

Peace and All Good Things to our Scottish lovebirds from the Highlands!  Enjoy a my quick shots of their big day!


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