Bethesda Arcade

Photo by Sascha Reinking

One of the great areas for an elopement in Central Park is the Bethesda Arcade.  Conveniently located mid-park around 72nd street, it is easily accessible from both the east and west sides of the city.  With beautiful covering and stunning mosaics it is the perfect place for shielding one from rain or snow.  It has long been a favorite spot of my couples as both a “first choice” and “back up” venue.

The Arcade is considered, by many to be the greatest architectural achievement of the park—an “outdoor cathedral,” midway between the Mall and the Bethesda Fountain and lake. According to the Central Park Conservancy, “The sculptural program of the Terrace was driven by the cosmology of the 19th century, and yet many of its themes remain timeless:  nature, art, science, and love.”  The interior of the Arcade is beautifully decorated with restored tiles of gorgeous jewel tones with inspirations from Europe and beyond.

Cover photo by Gianna Leo Falcon


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