Crown and Glory

I have often wondered why British women love hats, and we women in America have shunned them for decades. (There is one exception I know of: Sunday church services that serve largely African-American communities may well have a sea of hats in the pews. These church-going women sport glamorous, formal attire, including big hats that would make the British proud!)

Recently I have come across a new take on an old theme among the Brits–fascinators! I see them at weddings, worn by mothers-of-the-brides as well as chic women in their twenties. They are something of a cross between a traditional hat and a headband (think Hillary Clinton in the early 90s). They have the decorations (feathers, flowers and what not) without the body of the “hat” of the large brim. It is a clever device, and I am sure they are much less expensive than their full bodied cousins. I suppose another benefit is that the ladies do not suffer from “hat head.” As one who would love to see hats come back into favor, I can only quote the Brits: Brilliant!

The slideshow includes some favorite fascinators from “my” weddings–and one of me in my office. Thanks to my darling Australian friend Kirsty, I now have my own collection of fascinators!

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