Dahlia Flowers: Rock Center Petal Pushers

I don’t think there is any question that New York is the most romantic city in America during the holiday season. And, I routinely receive requests to perform ceremonies under the famed Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Between Thanksgiving and the beginning of the year, that enormous, beautifully decorated tree is the absolute focal point of the outstanding decorations that make midtown Manhattan sparkle. So I wanted to share a great floral secret for those who wish to stage such a ceremony: Dahlia flowers, in the concourse of Rockefeller Plaza.

Dahlia, with locations at Rock Center as well as Grand Central Station, has an unbelievable selection of stunning flowers and floral arrangement at extremely affordable prices. My office is across the street from their shop at Rock Center, so I often pick up beautiful bundles of roses, lilies, or beautifully arranged bouquets—all perfect for an impromptu wedding during the holidays. The flowers are not only vivid and fresh, but they are reasonably priced, particularly by midtown Manhattan standards.

The particular floral selections depend upon the season—so an astute shopper can find tulips, sunflowers, daffodils, and much, much more, depending upon the time of year. The helpful clerks are ready to go the extra mile in assisting customers to prepare flower arrangements. The best news? Bundles of flowers run about $10 to $15, with a full, richly colored bouquet no more than $25.

Just steps from the Rockefeller Christmas tree and all of the excitement of New York in December, Dahlia offers an exceptionally good choice for the cost conscious couple. For more details contact them at info@dahlia-nyc.com or 212-247-2288.


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