Eloping in Autumn

Historically, “high” wedding season has been between about April through September or October.  In cities like New York, many like to celebrate their nuptials during the full flower of spring and summer, also a time when many folks are taking vacations.

I’m here to say—don’t forget about the end of autumn as a most perfect time for your elopement or micro-wedding.  The exact time prime fall foliage varies by geography of course, and each year can be a little different.  When I lived in upstate New York, it was almost like clockwork that colors would be optimal on Columbus Day.  Here in New York, it’s a few weeks later, often based on when the first freeze comes.

All of this aside, for those who like to have a destination wedding in Central Park (or any other local parks for that matter), prime foliage season offers a backdrop like no other.  Take a look at some of the images from a small wedding yesterday, in mid-November.  It feels like a romantic movie set!

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