Locks of Love on the Brooklyn Bridge

Over the last dozen years, “love locks” have begun to appear on important bridges around the world.  To express their undying devotion, lovers attach padlocks, often personalized with inscriptions or other decorations, to bridges of note.

I first became familiar with this endearing custom in Paris, where they appear on several bridges including the Pont des Arts, Passerelle Leopold-Sear-Senghor, and Pont de l’Archeveche.  Indeed, at a recent ceremony of two fellows who met and fell in love in Paris, I gifted them with a padlock, at the close of the ceremony, in the hopes that they could attach to one of the bridges when they next returned to the City of Lights.

I’ve sense learned that these locks of love have made their way to Dublin, Florence, Serbia and elsewhere.  And just this past weekend, I see that they are here in New York!  A sweet Canadian couple came to the Big Apple for a wedding and selected the Brooklyn Bridge for their ceremony.  While the bridge is one of the most iconic structures in the City, offering sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, it had been some time since I strolled across the pedestrian bridge and did a ceremony there.  (To be perfectly accurate, my last ceremony there was a vow renewal for a lovely British couple on the eve of hurricane Irene, which I won’t soon forget).

After the ceremony, as we staged a variety of shots with our photographer, Jared Slater, I noticed a number of padlocks on our beloved suspension bridge.  I squealed with delight when I saw the couple pulling out a padlock of their own, to install on our bridge.   I love these customs and rituals that offer unique and lifelong memories.  And, I’m delighted my couples do as well! Enjoy my couple on the bridge and attaching their padlock of love.


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