North Woods: Central Park

Before I became a Celebrant, I enjoyed Central Park, but really kept to the area near my home—mid park in the 70’s and 80’s.  I had no idea the wonders of the Park above 96th Street!  When one reaches the northern most parts of the great park, wonders abound.

I recently officiated a Simply Eloped wedding in the North Woods.  The Central Park Conservancy identifies this area as “Mid-Park between 101st and 110th it is claimed to be a “Taste of the Adirondacks.”  There is no doubt that this is the most sparsely occupied of the various areas of the park and includes high hills for hiking as well as stunning arches and waterfalls, amidst the ponds, fountains and other landmarks.  Many New Yorkers and guests are not familiar with this area, but it is well worth a visit when scouting out wedding locations. Check out the photos provided by the wonderful Central Park Conservancy.  And see this beautiful autumn wedding shot by Marta Zapardiel


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