Pip’s Place for (Gluten-Free) Baked Magic!

Photo by Laura Pennace, Pennace Photography

As a special treat, I like to bring wedding cake for my small ceremonies and elopements.
My standard baked items come from the always popular Magnolia Bakery (made famous by the ladies of Sex and the City, which is across the street from my office in midtown) and Two Little Red Hens, a wonderful bakery just a stone’s throw from my apartment.  And when I have the time, I like to bake from scratch in my own kitchen (the problem, of course, is that I find myself licking too many bowls and spoons of frosting!).  A few weeks ago, I did an impromptu elopement for two young grooms.  When I mentioned that I would be bringing champagne and cake, they politely declined, saying they were both gluten-intolerant.  A challenge!  Where might I find a nice baked item on short notice for their wedding?
My girlfriends at Two Little Red Hens pointed me in the direction of “Pips Place,” also in the Yorkville area.  I trekked a few blocks north and west, and found a delightful bakery with an equally charming staff.  All of the products are gluten free, and I spotted some cupcakes that were perfect for our affair.  After speaking briefly with the owner Denise, I came to learn that they make more traditional wedding cakes, too!
I proudly brought the sweets to our ceremony and the grooms truly raved about how delicious the cakes were.  I’ve since learned that Denise started cooking gluten free baked goods since her own daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease.  So she cooks with great devotion and love.  Whether you are on a gluten restricted diet or not, I encourage you to visit Pip’s place over on First avenue between 89th and 90th.  You can learn more on their website. The phone number is 212-360-6400.


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