Despite the overwhelming joy of a wedding day, many brides and grooms wish to pay tribute to important loved ones who have passed.
For some, it is a simple mention of loved ones during the opening remarks of the ceremony. Others like to offer a more tangible remembrance-be it a mention in a wedding program or lighting a candle of remembrance. Some people like to place a flower in an empty chair, as a reminder of the family member or friend. In the case of Karen, who had lost her parent at a young age, she had a vintage photograph of her Mother and Father on her wedding day, on a table near where she and her beloved Ash exchanged vows. They chose to sign their license during the ceremony, on the table where the photo rested. It had a feeling that her parents were watching over their daughter’s special day.


Whether your wedding is an impromptu affair or has been months, or even years, in the making, I want to help you fashion a ceremony that reflects your history, philosophy, creativity, personality, and style – as individuals and as a couple.

Let’s craft a wonderful, meaning-filled ceremony that expresses the most significant aspect of your lives…one that recognizes the profound commitment you are making, as well as the sheer joy of the occasion.