Sean Gallery: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I have many wonderful opportunities to officiate ceremonies for couples eloping to New York. In many instances, it is only the couple coming to the Big Apple for the big event. Other times, they are joined by a handful of loved ones. For the budget conscious couple, it is tempting to forego the expense of hiring a professional photographer…and I always invite them to reconsider this decision!
Any wedding, even a private wedding, is a milestone event. Regardless of fancy ceremonies and celebrations that may be planned after a “legal ceremony,” this is a red-letter day in the relationship. Moreover, these brides and grooms are exchanging vows in New York, a most “photogenic” city! A truly skilled photographer like Sean Kim, of Sean Gallery, can capture the joy of the occasion, regardless of the simplicity of the ceremony.

A few days ago, I officiated a most basic ceremony, to be followed up by a more exotic wedding in weeks to come.  The little wedding took place in the courtyard of the great Palace Hotel, where the brides were staying, just a stone’s throw from St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  You’ll see from this fantastic photo gallery, Sean was able to memorialize these brief, but life-altering promises, made on a special trip to one of America’s greatest cities.

I look forward to working with this gifted photographer on future weddings~


Whether your wedding is an impromptu affair or has been months, or even years, in the making, I want to help you fashion a ceremony that reflects your history, philosophy, creativity, personality, and style – as individuals and as a couple.

Let’s craft a wonderful, meaning-filled ceremony that expresses the most significant aspect of your lives…one that recognizes the profound commitment you are making, as well as the sheer joy of the occasion.