Shakespeare Garden: A Little Slice of Heaven

This past weekend, I officiated a wedding on the landing of the Belvedere Castle in Central Park.  As I walked up to the location, I was (again) struck by the beauty of the Shakespeare Garden which sits below the Belvedere Castle, the highest point in the park.

The Shakespeare Garden, honors the great writer, and was opened to commemorate the anniversary of his passing.  All of the beautiful flowers and plants in the multi-tiered garden are drawn directly from the pages of Shakespeare’s work.  Dotted throughout the garden are bronze quotations from his different works.  The location is a perfect one for small elopements.  There is an elevated section of this particular garden that has an open space—centered around a sun dial—which is perfect for a small gathering of family and friends. As I marveled at the garden, I returned yesterday to take some shots of the beautiful flowers on their last hoorah during this strange summer of the Covid pandemic.  The garden is midpark on the West Side around West 79th.

Enjoy the view from wherever you are.


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