Two Little Red Hens: NYC Sweet Spot

I always make an effort to provide “little extras” for my private elopement and small wedding ceremonies. For example, every newly married couple deserves a champagne toast and wedding cake, so on my way to these celebrations I load up my backpack with a bottle of bubbly, champagne flutes, and appropriately celebratory cupcakes or other desserts. I have purchased wedding treats at many of the current cupcake hotspots in the Big Apple: Magnolia Bakery and Crumbs, for instance. Lately, I have even fired up my own oven to make cakes for my special brides and grooms. But today, gentle readers, I stumbled upon what will surely be my new “go to” patisserie for delectable post ceremony sweets: Two Little Red Hens.

This absolutely darling shop is right in my neighborhood in the “Yorkville” section of the Upper East Side. Everything about this bakery shined. The postage stamp-sized shop has a few ice cream parlor tables, gingham window treatments, and more delicious cakes and cookies than a discriminating New York shopper can imagine. Filled with what we, in Oklahoma would call bric-a-brac, the line of patrons streamed out the door on a sunny Saturday morning. Besides the fact that the physical space was cozy and inviting and the desserts looked out of this world, a couple of other points “sold” me on this Upper East Side sweet spot. First, I have come to learn that this is a singularly unique shop in New York—there are no “franchises”…..this is not a publically traded cake store—this is a one-of-a-kind experience. Second, the disposition and service of the staff was outstanding. Although I was suffering from some heart palpitations and shallow breathing as I looked at the beautiful cakes (I stopped by to purchase dessert for a noon time ceremony in Central Park), I engaged with three young women, behind the counter, who were beyond helpful. Although the store was teaming with customers, they had calm, pleasant demeanors and were a thorough delight. (In my hurried life, I often forget what a pleasant retail experience can be like!) I felt that if only for a moment, I was somewhere else…..on vacation, at an out of the way bakery in the Outer Banks or the Hamptons or on Block Island.

And so, for my bride and groom AnnMarie and Fabio, I purchased a tiny chocolate cake, tastefully decorated with a handful of lovely flowers including hydrangea. Upon arriving at the wedding, I noticed that the bride’s bouquet included the same flowers. Coincidence? I think not. One of the assistants offered to add their names on the cake with icing, which, of course, delighted the bride and groom. As I chatted with other happy patrons, the sales assistant carefully packaged the tiny cake to go. I left with a wonderful feeling and sense that I’ve just found my new favorite place to buy unique, delicious, and reasonably priced cupcakes and cakes for my brides and grooms. What a treasure! I’m just sorry I didn’t visit earlier.

So, I invite you to come up to my neighborhood for fantastic treats for wedding welcome bags, cupcake towers or wedding cakes. I promise….it will be worth the trip!


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