620 Loft & Garden: A Slice of Midtown Heaven

Last weekend I was happy and honored to participate in the marriage of Ming and Daniel. A super smart and interesting couple, they’d met in college a number of years ago. Daniel is originally from Sweden and enjoyed many guests from his mother land. Ming, an Asian American, welcomed her engaging and chic relatives from the West Coast. In addition to being fascinating clients, I was eager to do their wedding as it was to be help at the luscious 620 Loft and Garden in the Rockefeller Plaza complex.

I must confess that I have worked in this area for many years and until a wedding, produced by Cheryl J. Wedding & Events, I was unaware of this magnificent space. While we all know Rock Center, the tree, ice rink and “Top of the Rock,” I’d venture to say that many people—including “real” New Yorkers—don’t know this spot. It is six floors above fifth avenue, atop the building between 48th and 49th. There is a garden area that is stunning for weddings—lovely manicured area, fountain and, most importantly, St. Patrick’s Cathedral as a breathtaking backdrop. As you will see from the slide show below, elegantly designed weddings are a regular there, but to be quite honest, decorations are not really necessary as the beauty of the Cathedral and cityscape offer more than enough on which the eye can feast.

Attached to the garden is the kind of stark urban loft that we’ve come to know and love in Manhattan, a blank palate ready to be skillfully decorated.

I adored working with Ming and Daniel, who are truly lovely people. She’s in the news industry and he is in the travel business. Hard to top that! Their perfectly pitched wedding included a dashing set of guests from Sweden, all sporting a bit of one of the country’s national colors, yellow. A friend from home strummed the couple’s favorite song on an acoustic guitar as their processional, and the Asian bride wore lucky red shoes and a vintage dress with plenty of vintage jewels. I focused on telling the couple’s story during the ceremony, while the guests soaked up an unusually bright, sunny November Sunday morning.

I can’t recommend this location highly enough. Beyond the beautiful view, I was pleased to come to know the Garden’s delightful staff including Lauren Mach. Please take a look at their website and various pictures I’ve taken from the internet, along with pics from Ming and Daniel’s wedding and that wedding with Cheryl J. from several years ago.

Photo above courtesy of Rockefeller Center, 620 Loft & Garden


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