Vow Renewals

Renewing wedding vows is one of my favorite ceremonies, as a Celebrant. There are innumerable reasons why couples choose to recommit to each other on their anniversary—perhaps they have reached a milestone wedding anniversary or overcome a significant life challenge; maybe their original wedding didn’t really reflect their values and sensibilities; or in some cases, parents may want to share the relationship commitment ceremony with children. For all these reasons, and more, New York City couples and others seek a personalized ceremony that simultaneously expresses gratitude for years they have been married, while intentionally committing to each other for the years, ahead.

As is the case with destination weddings, I stand ready to assist with all aspects of vow renewal planning from suggesting photographers to organizing flowers to setting hair and make-up artists. Learn more about destination weddings.  My fees for these services range between $250 and $450.

“Two human loves make one divine.”
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

new york city vow renewals