Ceremony Writing

In recent years, many couples have relied upon friends or family members to officiate their wedding ceremonies. However, writing a ceremony from scratch can be a daunting task for a wedding newcomer. I am happy to work with couples and their designated officiants in crafting a high-quality, personalized ceremony, perfectly suited for the honorees. The creative process features unlimited consultation with ceremony participants, as well as the opportunity to review and comment on the initial script. The final version of the ceremony document includes “stage directions,” easing the rehearsal process as well as the event. I can support the couple and their officiant by attending rehearsals, if need be.

My fee for this service is $350. I am so committed to crafting your perfect ceremony, to be delivered by a loved one, that I offer a money back guarantee for these writing assignments. 

"There is no way the day would have been the same without her. Her beautiful, calm presence enabled all of us to focus and appreciate what love is truly about; trust and faith. She arrived early, dressed impeccably and was extremely professional. We ALL felt compelled to give Sarah a big hug after the vows and you can just tell that she loves what she does." -Kim & Jackson

New York City wedding ceremony writing service