Coney Island!

Last week, it was announced by Governor Cuomo that next month amusement parks would be opened to 25 percent capacity.  The idea of New York City’s famous Coney Island warmed my heart as I’ve had the pleasure of conducting several elopement ceremonies there.  It’s a fun and festive environment that combines a traditional beach and boardwalk with an amusement park, all just an hour or so from Manhattan.  Situated in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn, Coney Island is home of the amusement park (Luna Park) and the famed Wonder Hill and Cyclone Roller Coaster.  The boardwalk has local and national retailers, shops, and restaurants with plenty diversions any day, summer or not. With a modern elopement at Coney Island, a couple has plenty of great options for the ceremony and post wedding photo shoot—including traditional beach pictures, fun takes from the boardwalk and shots at and around the amusement park. 

I can’t wait to have another ceremony in this historic New York City location! Enjoy this gallery by Marta Zapardiel Photography for Simply Eloped!


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