Happy New Year!

Just in time for the New Year (The Lunar New Year, that is!) a retrospective of my couples from 2012.
As I stroll down memory lane, I realize that each couple is like a unique and wonderful flower—and that I’ve enjoyed the most astoundingly diverse and beautiful bouquet one can imagine. Congratulations to you all! Thank you for sharing your celebration with me. I appreciate the gifted photographers that I have worked with, who are credited at the end of the slide show. The joyous Times Square Couple is Muriel and Laurent, from France, shot by Jashim Jalal.  The Easter Day Central Park setting below features Graham and Mike from the Great State of North Carolina, photographed by my friend John Mazlish.  On the cover of the slide show is the stunning Amanda and Luke Gent of the United Kingdom (don’t you think she looks like Kate the Duchess of Cambridge?) courtesy of Brian Freedman, B-Freed Photography!

p.s. Stay tuned for profiles of these oustanding photographers as I highlight a more of their beautiful work!


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