Make a Wish at the Bethesda Fountain

I never miss a chance to throw a coin in a fountain and make a wish—especially when it is the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Located in the mid-park area in the 70’s, this stunning work of art pays tribute to the Bethesda Fountain in the Bible and its healing properties. Situated between the boathouse and Bethesda Arcade, it is one of the most recognizable locations in our glorious park.

This sweet American bride and her dashing Italian fiancé married in the area under picture perfect cloudy skies. Having met during her collegiate studies abroad program, they had a romantic story that was ready for the big screen.

Following the ceremony, I offered a collection of European coins (pre-Euro!) for them to toss in the Bethesda Fountain with all the wishes they could muster. I, too, tossed in some coins for good luck.

Photo by Marta Zapardiel Photography



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