NYC Insider’s Tip: Bouquets on a Budget!


Even with a small destination wedding in New York, bouquets and other flowers can add up to serious money. But the savvy bride can find plentiful alternatives to high-end floral designers. For those visiting New York for the first them, they will be pleasantly surprised by inexpensive flower bouquets at virtually every corner. In my experience, one of the hallmarks of virtually any New York neighborhood is the Bodega. The word comes from the Spanish word la bodega, meaning grocery store. In other parts of the country, these would be Convenience Stores. In any event, nearly all bodegas offer a surprisingly large selection of flowers, both single varieties and mixed bouquets. For instance, around any corner or down the street from where I live, I can pick up a dozen roses, of any color, for about $10. Daisies, lilies, peonies and much, much more are there for the taking. The cost conscious bride can easily locate pretty ribbon and possibly small decorative objects and Presto! A lovely bouquet for your special day.

A truly exciting option is a trip down to the flower district. While some large cities have a floral area open to the public, New York has a vast, diverse collection of shops and wholesalers. In the garment district area, around 28th-29th and 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas), the adventurous bride and her entourage can explore shop after shop of unimaginable delights—all fresh and priced well below regular commercial florists. In addition, you can find any accessories needed to create an innovative, beautiful arrangement. Finally, a craft project such as this might be just what a lady needs to soothe her nerves before the big event! Contact me if you would like suggestions about particular stores that can help you with your wedding day.


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