Some Things Go Together

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Not long ago I was so pleased to officiate the wedding of Leanne and Ed, they had a special story in many ways.
Although both proud Scots, they now make their home in China where Ed works in the energy industry (an Oklahoma-based company I might add). They planned a spectacular summer wedding in NYC from more than a dozen time zones away.  And our bride– who certainly has the skills to be a top flight wedding planner — did so with their bundle of boys…. Each son cuter than the next!

Every part of the wedding sparkled, from her stunning dress, to the Scottish inspired button holes with heather, to the bag pipe player who looked as though he’d just arrived from the Highland games in Cowal, and kilts as far as the eye could see.   The wedding included many special touches from a ring warming prior to the couples vow exchange to a perfect little children’s reading offered by their eldest child.  While the ceremony was kissed with rain, their large guest list from Scotland was well poised to take it in stride.

Superb photographer Jami Saunders captured these delightful, images that are sure to melt your heart.  Thank You Jami for sharing these beautiful photographs.  Congrats to Ed and Leanne on what will surely be a life filled with joy, laughter and great adventure.  Enjoy the poem read by their adorable son:

Some Things Go Together, by Charlotte Zolotow
Pairs of things that go together:
Pigeons with park
Stars with dark
Sand with sea
and you with me.
Hats with heads
Pillows with beds
Sky with blue
and me with you.


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