Sweet Memories…To Go, at the Green Building

I have been in the wedding business for some time now and have seen bunches of creative ideas around weddings of all sorts. But time and again, I am delighted to hear about nifty celebration concepts that leap from the innovative minds of wedding professionals, as well as brides and grooms. This past weekend, I was delighted to find one of my fabulous couples incorporating an NYC “food truck” into their fun-loving wedding party.

Melanie and Dave are the sort of couple that make a celebrant’s heart sing….kind, creative people living purposeful lives focusing on education and service. My couple met a number of years ago in the wilds of Alaska while both were teachers in a public spirited “Teach for America” type of program. For their wedding venue, they selected the “Green Building” in Brooklyn. Located in the DUMBO neighborhood, the Green Building is one of those rustic, industrial spaces that serve as an interesting celebration canvass for hip, artistic New Yorkers. The Green buildings central event space was a large open room with exposed brick walls and parsimonious fixtures, easily allowing for the informal division of space for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. I heard through the grapevine that the couple’s creative friends helped with decorations including casual chic floral arrangements. And dotted throughout the area were subtle reminders of their snowy Alaska adventure.

The building was configured with an open parking lot area and driveway that my clever couple used for parking a classic city food truck to serve up desserts to their happy, hungry guests. Brilliant! There is no more quintessential New York scene than the much loved food trucks that serve everything from crepes to Halal Middle Eastern food to Korean B-B-Q. After all, food trucks aren’t just for ice cream anymore!

So, I say bravo to Melanie and Dave for an admirable partnership, heartfelt ceremony, and celebration that perfectly suited their casual, welcoming style and personalities.

The above photo is from the Blog of the Wedding Planning Institute.  Photos in the video are from Clean Plate Pictures.


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