The Library Hotel

There is a terrific moment in the first Sex and the City movie when Carrie Bradshaw, everyone’s favorite columnist about romance, realizes that she can have her wedding at the incomparable New York Public Library. While we now know that her walk down the aisle was a circuitous one, the movie raised the prospect of ideal wedding spots for books lovers and others. Soon I will be marrying a lovely couple from Glasgow, Scotland. For their destination wedding, they have selected The Library, a boutique hotel on Madison Avenue, near the actual NYPL. The hotel is part of the HK Hotels group, with nifty properties dotting the Big Apple. Part of the charm of the hotel is the fact that the floors are organized by the Dewey Decimal card cataloging system—yes, the same system you found in your primary school library, years ago! The rooms on each floor are enveloped by hundreds of books on a particular subject. So if a guest is interested in history, she should request a room on the ninth floor; the arts, the seventh floor. The twelfth floor—focused on title about religion—includes books on ancient religions, new age topics, Native American practices, and African and Eastern religious philosophy, among others. Brilliant!
Custom weddings, held daily at The Library, are situated on the top floor atrium area, flooding with light and views of the City. Jayla Hughes, the sales and events manager, at the hotel, handles wedding coordination activities, stands ready to assist “destination wedding” brides and grooms with big tasks and small. According to Hughes, the number of couples coming to New York for destination weddings is increasing in recent years. Check out the amenities at The Library as you search for wedding spots in the Big Apple.


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