Wedding at the Metropolitan

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York at Night

During the current deep freeze that we are enduring in the City, I was invited to officiate an elopement at the Metropolitan Museum.  Being an art enthusiast, I jumped at a chance, for the 8 a.m. ceremony, despite the frigid temperatures.

As the couple arrived with their guests, I asked how they chose such an iconic—but unusual spot.  They explained, “We moved to New York City from New Jersey, but we very much feel like tourists.  This is one of our favorite spots.  We thought it would be cool to re-live this wedding memory every time we strolled by the museum.” 

Our wedding took place well before the museum was open, but that didn’t stop some happy passersby from stopping to take in the romance.  It was a picture-perfect time.

The Metropolitan is one of the great art museums of the world.  Covering about 5 blocks on “museum mile” on Fifth Avenue at 80th Street.  Even during the pandemic they are allowing limited visitors.  Please check out their website for details.

Cover photo by John Mazlish.


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