Weddings in the Dog Days of Summer

Ever since I started officiated weddings, I’ve had couples who want to include their animal companions (usually pooches) in the ceremony.  It all started with Sarah and Bill’s wedding a decade ago, with their beloved dog joining their festive crew.  Since then, I’ve had dogs featured in elopements, micro-weddings, and large affairs in every corner of the tri-state area.

dog wedding day

Yesterday, my sweet Canadians, Clarice and Carlo, drove from Toronto with their Yorkie “Chuy,” in tow.  Chuy wore a typical dog tux, outfitted with a special apparatus for the wedding bands.   Although hot and uncomfortable, he performed admirably, with the help of a family handler.

If your dog isn’t up to serving as the ring-bearer, I’ve had a good number of folks who had their animal lying at the bride and groom’s feet during the ceremony.  Likewise, in a super elegant affair in North Salem, New York, several years ago, my drop dead gorgeous couple had hired a trainer to see that their Portuguese Water Hound dashed down the aisle after the pronouncement of marriage. Alas, if all of these ideas are too complicated, one can still simply bring out a much-loved animal for post-wedding pictures.  It’s your ceremony.  Have it your way!

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